Dear friends and partners,

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts towards the ministry! We have never felt the effects of your prayers more than in the past few weeks. As you already know, this has been a month of terrible floods, fires, earthquakes, and droughts around the world.

Credit: Richard Carson / Reuters

Credit: Richard Carson / Reuters

Our own city of Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey. The tropical storm brought catastrophic flooding which resulted in great devastation and loss – not only in Texas but also in Louisiana.

Recovery and reconstruction will take weeks, months, and even years. According to ABC News, Harvey claimed at least 70 lives. In some places there were at least 50 inches of rain (and parts of downtown Houston and Kingwood are still underwater). More than 30,000 people were displaced. Meanwhile, rescue efforts managed to help at least 17,000 Harvey victims. Fortune estimates up to $180 billion worth of damages as a result of the heavy rainfall. The Los Angeles Times reported that approximately 28,000 square miles (or the size of Lake Michigan) surrounding Houston was covered in water. Finally, CNN says up to 500,000 cars and at least 100,000 homes were destroyed in the Houston area and that does not include apartments, trailers, etc.

The Sowers Ministry is working to help local relief organizations and families in need in Kingwood and Humble by supplying food, water, and household items.

You can make a difference! Please continue to pray for and support the many families and lives affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, as well as other natural disasters – both in the United States and around the world.

We pray for everyone affected by Harvey and wish you renewed hope, strength, and favor. Be encouraged!


The Sowers Ministry

Banner Credit: Corinne Zilnicki / Coast Guard News