Spotlight: Nepal Flooding

Take a closer look at our emergency efforts to aid the flood victims in Nepal.


Urgent Update from Nepal Flooding

One month ago Nepal was hit by severe rainfalls and landslides, causing the nation massive damage, much turmoil, and a great deal of loss.

Family members and friends have gone missing and the death toll is rising. Furthermore, many people have lost their homes, livelihoods, businesses, and animals. The suicide rate has also increased, especially among the elderly because they have lost too many family members and have given up all hope.

Over the past few days we have received word and pictures from native pastors and leaders who have lost everything in the flood. Homes, churches, and Bibles have been destroyed by the floods that hit in the middle of the night. People everywhere had very little chance to evacuate or safeguard their possessions.

The Sowers Ministry has onsite relief teams that are helping the victims and providing rice, noodles, food packets for children, oil, clothes, blankets, and medical supplies.