Spotlight: Orphans

A closer look at our ongoing efforts to bring hope, justice, and Christ's love to the next generation.


A Hope and future for the children of god

There are close to 190 million orphans across the world, of which more than 90% live in third world countries. The number of orphans continues to rise due to famine, malnutrition, violence, war, natural disasters, poverty, and disease. Many orphans have no drinking water or food to eat and they are usually forced to sleep on the street, in piles of garbage, or in the sewers in order to keep warm. Though nameless and faceless on the streets, each child was created and is known by God.

The Sowers Ministry looks after thousands of orphans around the world. We not only place them in a friendly, loving, and safe environment, but we have incredible staff and caretakers. Our boys and girls are fed, clothed, given medical treatment, given an education, endowed, loved, and prayed for. The most important thing we can give them, however, is the Word of God. We raise our children up with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our largest orphanages are located across India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, as well as Russia and Ukraine.



personal testimonies

Bishal Chepang

  Makwanpur, Nepal

Bishal Chepang

My name is Bishal Chepang and I am 13 years old. I belong to the Chepang people, a backward tribe from Nepal. When I was small, my father died of cancer and my mother ran off with another man. I had to fend for myself and was left with nothing. At first my relatives decided to raise me, but then I became a burden to them. So I ran away and slept beneath an open sky. During the day I would look for anything edible and at night I searched for shelter. Then one day I met Pastor Amosh, who told me about Jesus and brought me to his house. For the first time I felt safe and genuinely loved. That’s when I knew there is a God in Heaven who loves me enough to send help in the darkest hour.

Today I live in Pastor Amosh’s house. I feel like I am a son and know that I am a child of the King. Jesus lives inside of me and my life is His! I attend school and am learning to read and write. On Saturday (church day in Nepal) the other children and I attend Sunday school. I want to be a pastor and share what Jesus has done for me. I want to be a testimony for children and adults who, like me, spend their lives on the streets in unimaginable conditions. My God is a good God and He cares for us all!


Kalpana Naupane

  Rupandeshi, Nepal

My name is Kalpana Naupane and I am 12 years old. I live with my parents, a sister, and a brother. Currently, I am attending Devdaha School. Both my parents have HIV and live in very poor conditions. We have no land and my parents are unable to work. My siblings and I are fortunate to go to school but we face challenges each day. My parents are sick and need medicine. They struggle to put food on the table and pay for our school books and other materials.

Please pray for my parents’ healing! I may still have a father and mother, but most of the time I feel like an orphan. Thankfully, my parents got saved recently and we all attend church together. This is a great comfort and encouragement to me and my siblings.  

I enjoy Sunday school and attend children’s fellowship and Bible gatherings each week. My dream is to become a nurse so that I can serve patients and their families who are affected by HIV and AIDS. I believe your prayers and support can turn an ordinary dream into reality!


Wa Sar Ou

  Hope Children’s Home, Yangon, Myanmar

My name is Wa Sar Ou and I am 9 years old. My father passed away when I was an infant, and things were very difficult for my mother. I had to quit school and take care of my siblings at home while she went out to work. She earned very little money, not enough to feed all of us.

One day my mother dressed us in our best clothes and marched us to a little church in our village. Although it was hard for me to understand the message, I remember feeling peace and wholeness. After that service we decided to go back each week, and slowly but surely our understanding of Jesus and the Bible increased. Eventually we all became Christians and got baptized.

A short while later, a visiting minister told us about Hope Children’s Home in Yangon. After hearing about the program, the Christian values, and education options, my mother agreed to let me move there. It was the best thing that happened to me; I became more knowledgeable of scriptures and learned how to pray, and I am able to go to school. I believe that a door will open for me to fulfill my longtime dream of going to college. Thank you for praying for me and the children at the home.


  Luoyang, China

My name is Jing and I am 6 years old. I am from Luoyang, China. When I was just a week old, my biological parents left me at the doorstep of a woman. I found out later that my parents abandoned me because I am a girl. But I was fortunate to find a new home and gain a mother who loves me unconditionally. When I was officially adopted by her, the whole village took a fancy to me and helped out with food, clothes, and finances. I was very blessed and felt loved.

When I was old enough to start my education, my mother enrolled me into school at an orphanage because they have a good, Christian program. I made friends right away and was taught the Word of God. I enjoy reading Bible verses, signing, and dancing. My greatest joy is to gather around people I love and play with my pet goat. I realize that I don’t get to see my mother very often, but she values a solid education and I want to make her proud. When I have a holiday, I go back to my village and help my mother raise livestock and grow corn. It makes me happy and thankful that God chose someone completely unrelated to me to become my parent and guardian. I have not only gained an earthly mother, but also a Heavenly Father!


  Hope Children’s Home, Yangon, Myanmar

My name is Mary and I am 14 years old. I have three brothers and three sisters. My father passed away a few years ago due to fever; there are no clinics nearby. My siblings and I were pulled out of school and started to work. My older brother and mother worked in cultivation. I looked after the hut and the younger children, but was longing to go back to school. My dream is to become a nurse so that I can help the sick in my community.

One day, a pastor came to visit our village and preached the Good News. I was touched by the words of hope and love that came from his mouth, and wanted to hear more about this man called Jesus. I asked the pastor to come to our home that evening so my mother and brother could hear his teachings as well. When he came to visit, he opened the Bible to the most amazing stories of battle, healing, love, and redemption. That night my entire family got saved! The pastor then told my mother about Hope Children’s Home in Yangon. My mother agreed to let us go and we moved into the home in 2014. It has been a haven for me, a place where I can go to school and study, a place where I met my best friends, and a place that taught me all I know about Jesus and our Father in Heaven.




Thousands of children are abandoned and left alone on the streets. You can sponsor a child and give him or her hope for a brighter future!